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Update - 29 April

Vankedisi Standard of Points

TURKISH VANKEDISI - 13w, 13w bl, 13w od

The Turkish Vankedisi is a naturally occurring semi-Ionghaired breed from the rugged region of the Middle East

centred on Lake Van where the climate varies to extremes.


It is a large muscular cat; the strength and power is evident in substantial body and legs.


The breed does not gain full maturity until three years or more, therefore allowances must be made for age and

gender. Individual cats should convey an impression of a well balanced, well proportioned and strong appearance in

which no one feature is exaggerated.


All varieties of Turkish Vankedisi should conform to this general type standard:-


Head - Substantial broad wedge, nose medium to long, straight but with a barely perceptible dip in profile.


Ears - Moderately large, well feathered, fairly close together and set high on head.


Eyes - Large and oval, alert and expressive. To be of the requisite colour with pink rims


Body - Long and sturdy, broad, muscular and deep-chested, especially the males.


Legs and Feet - Legs well-boned and medium in length. Feet neat well rounded and tufted.


Tail - Full brush, length to balance with the body.


Coat and Condition - Fur should be long, soft and silky to the roots. No woolly undercoat. It should be noted that

the winter coat of the Turkish Vankedisi is longer and heavier than the summer coat. Longer coated cats are to be

preferred. The neck and chest ruff should become more pronounced with age. The cat should be well groomed and

immaculately prepared with no trace of greasiness, staining or tangles in the coat.


Colour - Chalk white coat. Ears should be a delicate shell pink inside. Nose leather and paw pads pink.


Note: The foregoing description is the ideal:-


(1) Some evidence of yellow tingeing on the upper edge of the tail should not detract from an otherwise good



(2) The eye colour may fade with age, the amber particularly taking on a greenish tinge, which likewise should not

penalise an otherwise good specimen.




Head and eye shape

Eye colour 10
Ears 10
Body and tail 25
Coat 15
Colour and pattem 15
Total 100



Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:-


1 . Siamese, Persian or British type


2. Light-boned or undersized adults


3. Orange or copper eyes in adults


4. Any colour other than white


5. Any defect as listed in the preface to the SOP booklet.



Eye Colour - Light to medium amber


TURKISH VANKEDISI - Blue-eyed (13w bl)

Eye Colour - Blue


TURKISH VANKEDISI - Odd-eyed (13w od)

Eye Colour - One of blue, one of light to medium amber.

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