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Update - 29 April

  Welcome to the web site of Alantris Turkish Van


Turkish Van


Turkish Vans

Trying to keep the classic Turkish Van lines alive.

Auburn & White and Cream & White Turkish Vans.





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We are looking at sending out the occasional newsletter, on kittens and anything cat related.

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Turkish Van  Kittens available  -  please go to the respective kitten page

(Please click on the photo to go to the Turkish Van kitten page)

New kitten / Young Adult available


Turkish Van kitten (young adult) Available -  We have available, an Odd Eyed Turkish Van kitten (young adult) . If you would be interested in having a Turkish Van to keep you company, you can either email us at or phone 01283 210044.


Vankedisi pages. There are several new pages for you to have a look at to do with BAER testing (hearing test required for all breeding Vankedisi cats), registration policy and the Vankedisi Standard of Points. To have a look at the new pages, please click on the Vankedisi link on the left.


Older Turkish Vans Available -  We have taken the decision to allow some of our adult Turkish Vans to go to new homes. If you would be interested in having an adult Turkish Van to keep you company, you can either email us at or phone 01283 210044.


Grand Champion Alantris Dannys Boy has now achieved the title of GRAND CHAMPION. This is our first Alantris Grand Champion Turkish Van. Many thanks to all the judges that gave him his GCC's. He has now gained his 3rd Imperial GCC.

Welcome to our web site about our Turkish Vans and Vankedisi cats. We started breeding Turkish Vans and attending GCCF shows way back in 1990 with Turkish Vans (Auburn & White and Cream & White), but due to Alan's job requiring him to work away from home, we decided to stop. This happened in 1997.

We started again in 2005 because we are mad and was missing the enjoyment of having Turkish Van kittens and attending shows. We now live in South Derbyshire, near Burton-on-Trent and we are keeping with breeding the Classic Turkish Van lines of Auburn & White Turkish Vans for as long as we can with the classic lines we have.

This is the part that we get sentimental and thank every one for allowing us to have their kittens, which will enable us to re-establish the name of Alantris Turkish Vans. We would like to express our deepest thanks to Marianne Upham (Yenicizgi) for our wonderful girls, Joyce and the late David Johnson (House of Akdamar) for allowing us to have their wonderful girls from the Classic Turkish Van lines as well as Anne & Steve Dolley for allowing us to have a stud. We all would like to express our thanks to Kathy Mcleod-Sale for letting us have our first Vankedisi girl.

Our main ambitions are to have our own Alantris Imperial Grand Champion Turkish Van on the show bench.

We have lost contact with a lot of you Turkish Van lovers and would love to hear from you again as well as making new friends with all you new Turkish Van & Vankedisi lovers and not forgetting all the other breeds as well. Our email is below as well as on the contact page, so please feel free to drop us a line .

We do hope that you enjoy our web site and would love you to leave a comment about it as well as about our Turkish Vans & Vankedisi cats in our Guestbook. You can always drop us an email using the address below or on our contact page.

All the best

Alan & Trisha

Tel:- 01283 210044

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