Update - 29 April

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Update - 29 April

Updates - 2012

  • 29 April - Home page updated as well as the removal of the Norwegian Forest Cats, as we have decided to stop breeding the NFC and start with Vankedisi so as to keep the Turkish theme going.

Updates - 2011

  • 21 April - BAER Testing page added.

  • 3 April - Web site updated (at last - says Trisha). Two new Queens added - ChYenicizgi Vanjmali Aurora and Yenicizgi Ayca, many thanks Marianne Upham. Also, we have changed our phone number due to the wonderful BT. 01283 210044 (01283 556976 no longer works). Home page updated.

Updates - 2010

Updates - 2009

  • 7 Nov - Turkish Van Kittens page updated, kittens available to that loving homes. Newsletter subscription added to Home page.

  • 22nd Sept - Turkish Van Kittens page updated, kittens available to that loving homes.

  • 17th July - Turkish Van Kittens page updated, one on hold and one still available to that loving home.

  • 26th June - Grand Champion Alantris Dannys Boy page updated with his latest win. His 2nd Imperial GCC. 

  • 10th June - Turkish Van kitten page updated on the Turkish Van Kittens page. 2 kittens available and looking for loving homes. General update of various pages.

Updates - 2008

Updates - 2007

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