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Update - 29 April

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Scindapus Rupert Bear's (Rupert's) Pedigree


It is with much sadness to say that one of our much loved boys

Scindapus Rupert Bear

died peacefully in his sleep on Thursday 30th June 2005. Rupert was our first Turkish Van boy that we acquired from Karen Holt (whom we have lost contact with) and was very much a part of the family. Rupert, you are greatly missed and will always be in our hearts.

Rest in Peace Rupert, 25 September 1990 - 30 June 2005.


With broken hearts, we have had to say goodbye to our first border collie


 She has had a long and happy life as one of the family, but illness and old age has taken her away from us. Tara, you was a part of our lives and our hearts and we all miss you so very much.

Rest in Peace Tara, February 1988 - 17 August 2005








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