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Update - 29 April

We recommend to potential owners of white kittens ~ ensure that the kitten is BAER tested prior to purchase; along with it's white parent (who should be Fully Hearing in Both ears)


**A deaf kitten will make a wonderful indoor pet, but you need to know that it is in fact deaf**


Not all breeders of white cats BAER Test

We feel that this is the most responsible way to ensure whether a white cat is Bi-laterally (fully) hearing, Bi-laterally deaf, or even Unilaterally deaf (meaning it can only hear in one ear)

***This is the only way to be 100% sure***


A standard vet test is not enough to determine hearing status!!

...especially in the case of Unilaterally deaf cats, as these will appear to have "normal" hearing ~ when they are in fact hearing-impaired.


Breeding from Bi-laterally or Unilaterally Deaf Cats

We will not breed from a hearing-impaired or deaf cat!

Neither will we allow a Bi-laterally or Unilaterally Deaf kitten be used for breeding.


BAER testing centres in England:


Please help us keep this page up to date, if you find the links don't work or you find any new places that offer BAER Testing, then please contact us on our Contacts page. Many thanks.



Derby, East Midlands

Tel : 01332 345191

This will be the centre we use :)



Cranmore Veterinary Centre/ Chester Gates Referral Hospital

Chester Gates, Chester

Tel : 01244 853 823



Newmarket, Suffolk

Tel : 01638 751000



Seadown Veterinary Group

Southampton, Hampshire

Tel : 023 80842237


 BAER testing information:


List of BAER testing centres worldwide:




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